NPB Unwrapper

NPB Unwrapper

Our unwrapper features a flexible modular design, which is easy to adapt to your production and layout. It can be used as a freestanding, semi-automatic unwrapper or as a fully automatic unwrapper, integrated into a depalletiser.


As a result of the modular design, the number of lanes does not limit the total capacity. Each module has its own in feed, opening and out feed  device. Different products can be handled at the same time.
The unwrapper has compact design and allows access to all parts at floor level. To reduce the down time, need of spare parts and maintenance, the design is focused to use less moving parts and an operator friendly HMI.The unwrapper is suitable for use in wet environments.


The wraps with ends are opened using cold cut technology; which ensures a clean result without any residual particles from the film. The plastic film is pulled of through rubber rolls and fed with a vacuum fan. The plastic film is either gathered in a bag or extended to a compression unit. The ends are then fed out in a continuous flow to the conveying system.  The first and last ends in the stick are traced during the whole process.

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