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The design, development and manufacture of tomorrow´s production equipment demands expertise in advanced machine technology.
Only those solutions that reduce investment costs and release tied-up capital do we regard as worthwhile and effective. Likewise, only those machines with shorter changeover times and new capabilities do we consider flexible.
We at NPB, with our total approach to production technology, strive to give you maximum return on every investment and minimal costs for each unit produced. This is a high level of ambition that demands competence, experience, creativity and a commitment to quality; attributes we possess.
Begin a rewarding partnership by giving us your trust.


NPB is no exception in this respect. Our customers know exactly what to expect from us regarding quality assurance and control. But when it comes to all those who do not know us, it is important for us to show that we have documented procedures to ensure and maintain high quality.
NPB´s quality control department has the means needed to assure customers of the agreed quality. Qualified personnel carry out the well-established methods of measuring, controlling and testing components and equipment. More advanced quality control and testing are carried out externally by selected specialists.


NPB Automations focus is always to improve and develop new ways to solve our customers' problems. We started in 1993 to solve a bagging and palletising project and have since then developed additional equipment for the Can making industry. Today we are working within the beverage, food, aerosol and specialty packaging segments with many different types of machines and services. And there will definitely be more to come...

Part of something bigger

Since more than a decade NPB Automation is part of the XANO Group, XANO consists of entrepreneurial companies that operates within well-defined niches and possess a high level of expertise. NPB is a growing part our business area – Industrial Solutions – contract assignments within sheet metal processing, in-house-developed conveyor systems and packaging machinery, hand wheels, handles and adjustable feet for furniture and shop fittings.
Since 2015 reinforced with our new and successful sister company Canline Systems NL.