NPB Packaging Center

Our complete solution for packaging of can ends in paper bags includes a bagger, an integrated robot palletiser and a pallet handling system. The packaging center is fully automatic, with low maintenance, high efficiency and good reliability.


The packaging is carried out with NPB’s automatic paper bagger which can be built with up to four in-feed lanes. The counted sticks of ends are fed into pre-made paper-bags, folded and sealed before transport to the robot palletiser.


A 6-axis standard industrial robot is used for most of the operations, such as placing the folded and oriented bags, handling of the snake wrap paper from side to side and cutting the paper for pallet changes. During the automatic pallet change, the filled pallet is transported on a roller conveyor to the pick-up position for the forklift. An empty pallet then goes into position to start a new palletising sequence.

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