NPB Distributor

NPB Distributor for shells

Our distributor is a complete concept when it comes to handling flows of shells in end production modules. Featuring the same flexibility and modular concept as the rest of NPB’s machines, the distributor can be adapted to your needs.


The distributor offers the possibility to handle multiple products at the same time, providing the advantage of the production working with up to three types of shells simultaneously at full capacity.

Low complexity

The solution is focused on a distributor with few reliable components. This gives the machine low maintenance and high efficiency. The design gives a diversified distributor with multiple capabilities to handle trays of various sizes.

Tray system

NPB has developed a system of trays that fills the need of the modern end maker. The trays are dust-proof, made in sheet metal and light-weight. The trays can be fully stackable, made in various sizes and are up to 33% more efficient than common trays on the market. They can easily be traced through stored information by optional RFID function.

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