Let us introduce our new colleague - Michael Axelsson

20 January 2022

What is your role at NPB?

My role is Business Development Manager for EV Batteries (EV = Electrical vehicle / Electric vehicles).
To develop a business area in the industry for EV batteries where the new batteries of the future will be cylindrical and in a larger format than before that will look like a small beverage can and with much greater demands on production capacity.
For these batteries, there will be similar details as the lid on a beverage can.
This is the main track in my business development, to find customers and partners in this area and create standardized products that NPB can develop for the EV battery industry.

In what way can NPB contribute to the production of EV batteries?

With the background and over 25 years of experience that NPB has with automation in lid handling and to be able to handle huge volumes of small, light, round, details such as lids for a beverage can. NPB can directly meet EV Battery Industry's need for reliable handling automation to be able to quickly shift up the capacity in battery production so that all the world's battery manufacturers can meet the enormous needs of the conversion to electric vehicles that we face until 2030 and then on from there…

What is the big challenge in battery manufacturing?

To keep up with the requirement for conversion that is required and to find some form of standard in battery production that increases volumes and quality of batteries increases and at the same time price per battery decreases.
Already now, enormous development has been seen in the battery industry. In the last 10 years, the quality of batteries for electric vehicles has improved so much. Today there is no problem with an EV battery not lasting the life of a normal car and today you get much longer on a battery pack in an electric car compared to 10 years ago. Then the price / battery is enormously cheaper today than 10 years ago.
But time is the biggest challenge. With development, the batteries will be even better and with standardization and volume they will be even cheaper, but everything would have to be done yesterday… 😊

What do you know far too much about?

I really have no "nerd knowledge".
I know quite a bit about quite a lot, and that means that I am instead rarely afraid of embarking on new things as it gives me satisfaction that from not knowing anything about a topic or how a thing should be done, to getting better at the subject and then implement it. Maybe that's my speciality?
I know from time to time in general a lot about a particular subject, because some time later I have snowballed into something else and then lose the "detailed knowledge" in the previous subject which was exciting yesterday.
So I must probably pass the answer what I know "too much about" 😉

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