The EV Battery Industry

As the EV market rapidly expands, the demand for efficient EV batteries will surge. The industry must grow and address challenges, including implementing smart, automated production processes for maximum productivity at high speeds.

NPB Automation, an expert in automation solutions for material handling, excels in managing fast-paced production in the food and beverage sectors. As we enter the EV battery field, our experience will be crucial in adapting to the increasing demands for efficient and high-capacity production systems.

Introducing - EV Battery Automation Solutions

We are a leading system integrator for EV battery production lines, providing bespoke automation solutions. Our services include material handling systems that interconnect production, accumulation, end-of-line packaging, depalletizing,
unpacking & feeding processes, line control, and cutting-edge line care system.

All customized, designed for maximum flexibility to meet your needs!

With expertise in conveying systems and robotic handling, we ensure exceptional flexibility, handling speed, product quality, and output.

Choose us as your partner for efficient, reliable,
and profitable EV battery production automation.

Experience Unmatched Expertise - Your Premier Choice for Advanced Production Solutions!

At NPB, we focus on innovative machine technology, delivering cost-effective and flexible solutions that maximize return on investment and minimize per-unit production costs.

Our comprehensive approach, backed by competence, experience, creativity, and commitment to quality, makes NPB the ideal partner for your business's advanced production needs.

Our Expertise - Efficiency, Precision, and Reliability

With our roots in the beverage and food sector, NPB Automation has a proven track record of handling lightweight soda can lids at an impressive speed of over 12,000 pieces per minute.

Our equipment consistently achieves >98% technical availability and >85% in OEE, is most common in our customers productions lines, ensuring optimal performance around the clock.

Large Cylindrical Batteries...

At NPB Automation, we specialize in cutting-edge automation equipment for high-speed, efficient production and handling of cylindrical battery components, such as lids and discs.

As a member of the XANO Group and in collaboration with our partners, we offer comprehensive solutions for the entire battery casing process.

Your Success is Our Priority

Our mission is to provide you with the most cost-effective and flexible production solutions. By partnering with NPB Automation, you'll benefit from our expertise, experience, creativity, and commitment to quality, ensuring the best return on your investment and minimized production costs.

Join the Future of Battery Manufacturing

NPB Automation is at the forefront of the latest advancements in the industry. And to excel this we’re today proud members of successful communities and associations that connect us to relevant partners to improve the future of battery manufacturing.

Members to is a community of experts in the manufacturing of (lithium ion) battery cells. We share information and development projects together. We aim to serve the battery production industry in creating a worldwide availability of green energy where and when users need it.


Visit to learn more about our collaboration and how we can help you optimize your production processes.

Members to Upcell Alliance

Upcell Alliance is a non-for-profit association that aims to create a unique European ecosystem of actors in the equipment and machinery for battery manufacturing industry stronger together, aiming to give Europe a leading position in this field.

Visit Upcell Alliance to learn more about our collaboration and how we can help you optimize your production processes.

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