Automation for cylindrical lids & discs in mass production

What do we do?

NPB Automation provide automation equipment to handle lids and discs for larger cylindrical batteries in high speed production.

It can be highly automated handling and packaging equipment for manufacturing companies of lids and discs or highly automated unpacking and handling equipment for feeding lids and discs to battery assembly machines for battery manufacturing companies.

Together with our sister companies in the XANO Group and partners, we can provide complete equipment for the entire need for the battery case. Pressing equipment and highly automated handling equipment and testing for cans, lids and discs for high speed production.

'We are used to managing big projects, and deliver complete turn-key systems.

Our core knowledge!

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The design, development and manufacture of tomorrow´s production equipment demands expertise in advanced machine technology. Only those solutions that reduce investment costs and release tied-up capital do we regard as worthwhile and effective. Likewise, only those machines with shorter changeover times and new capabilities do we consider flexible.

We at NPB, with our total approach to production technology, strive to give you maximum return on every investment and minimal costs for each unit produced. This is a high level of ambition that demands competence, experience, creativity and a commitment to quality; attributes we possess.

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Our experience and expertise!

NPB is coming from the beverage and food sector with equipment that can handle small lightweight soda can lids in very high-speed production. Over 12.000 pcs per minute! 24h per day! 7 days per week! All year around! And our equipment is easy to use, high efficiency >98% technical availability and >85% in OEE is most common in our customers productions lines.

So, lets work together and we will take away a lot of your pain and transfer that to your gain instead!

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