NPB Traceability

NPB Traceability System

The NPB traceability system is designed to establish high security through full traceability  in your production chain. The system keeps track of and systematically stores production  data from your can ends manufacturing processes from coil stock to pallets with finished products, allowing you to track everything that has been produced, find out where and when – and where the products are stored. All data is accessible on your web interface.


A server stores the production data and is the access point to the  web tools and user interface. Access your stored data through a web browser.

Web tools


Locate products, based on known information e.g. a time stamp.


Get information, when and where e.g. a pallet or bag was produced.


Documentation and overview of all materials used. Possibilities to make notes for each registered batch.


Overview the stack of lined and unlined shells.


Find production data regarding individual bags; where, how and when they were produced.


A monitor is the interface between the production units and the server. The monitor gathers information about individual products/batches and tracks them through the production line. It serves as communication interface to follow the flow of shells and ends.


Counters are used to verify the flow of ends throughout the line. You can use external NPB counters, or link the monitor to counters already in use, e.g. infeed of distributors and baggers.

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